Why Make Tabbed Presentations

powerpoint-tips-tabbed-presentation-with-topics-11Sometimes you do presentations which have numerous topics. It’s unavoidable. When this is the case, how do you help your audience remember and understand more? You can do this by creating a tabbed presentation. This is good for longer presentations with lots of topics because the audience get to know a lot better where they are in the presentation. They can see where they came from and where they’re going as the presentation moves along because the tabs serve as a visual list of topics that aid them in relating each topic to the wholeness of the presentation.

So how do you make tabbed presentations? You can do this in PowerPoint and you can make it as simple as possible or as colorful as you want.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to View, Slide Master.
  2. In the left-hand pane, scroll up to the top, larger thumbnail. Whatever you place on this master will appear on every slide, no matter which layout it uses.
  3. Draw the tabs. You could put them at the bottom instead. I used the Round Same Side Corner shape in the Rectangles section.

To continue, please head to this link: Create a tabbed presentation for longer presentations with lots of topics

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