4 Tips to Overcome Fear of Impromptu Speeches

impromptu-team-meeting-1980224Speaking off the cuff is quite scary especially to speakers and presenters who are just starting out and not yet used to this kind of situation. Let’s say you’re asked to give an impromptu speech by your boss about something that you or your department has been doing for some time. What do you do? All of a sudden your mind goes blank, you start sweating and all you can think of is you want the floor to swallow you. I know this is a bit extreme but it does happen, even to the best of us. So what do you do?

Below are simple things you can incorporate in your practice so that giving impromptu speeches will no longer be scary for you.

  1. Change the way you think about speaking off the cuff
  2. Start with a pause
  3. Trust yourself and turn off your internal critic
  4. Use a simple framework to organise your thoughts

To find out more about this, please head to this post: 4 Powerful Tips For Speaking Off The Cuff



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