How to Master Great Storytelling

enjoying-forbidden-knowledge-20799903There are three important lessons to learn in order to master great storytelling. Here they are:

1. No story from your life is as interesting to others as it is to you. So if you want to tell a story from your life, then you have to be concise about it. Pick the details you want and make sure you just focus on the turning points.

2.  A great story must have conflict; a personal story must show you in an honest – and probably less than flattering – light. Show humanity when telling your story, it’s more enchanting that way.

3. A great story involves a turning point. A story that has a character subjected to pressure and changing as a result of that pressure is very interesting.

To have more insight on this matter, please visit this link: Carmen Agra Deedy Reveals the Secret to Great Storytelling


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