Public Speaking Rookie Mistakes

noob-4967343Inexperienced presenters have certain patterns of behavior. When checked early, they can save the presenters a lot of heartaches in the long run. So what are these patterns?

  1. • Using small scale movements and gestures
  2. • Speaking with low energy
  3. • Playing it safe
  4. • Not preparing enough
  5. • Not practicing enough
  6. • Preparing too much material
  7. • Rushing
  8. • Data centric presentations
  9. • Avoiding vulnerability
  10. • Taking themselves way too seriously

If you’re a rookie presenter, do watch out for these things. Learn more about about these things by going to this link: 10 Most Common Rookie Mistakes in Public Speaking

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One Response to Public Speaking Rookie Mistakes


    Presenter must have the acquired skill as the professional is concerned and how to interract with his/her guest.

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