Flipping a Presentation

Sometimes, when you present, you want to be as detailed as possible. In most cases, putting everything on your slide must be avoided but if it’s really necessary, particularly for technical presentations, then you have another choice — Flip it!

How do you flip a presentation?

presentation-flip-chart-tripod-22308197Basically, you utilize the Notes pane of the presentation. In summary, this is what the slide might look like.

Here are the steps:

  1. For each slide, cut the main content (Ctrl + X) , click in the Notes pane, and paste (Ctrl + V).

  2. Now, design simple, visual slides that people can understand and remember. Use the slides for the main principles and conclusions. The result is a document that includes conceptual presentation slides plus all of the details.

  3. Choose File (or Office button), Print.

  4. In 2010 and 2013, under Settings, click the down arrow to the right of Full Page Slides and choose Notes Pages. Below, you can see what it looks like. Everyone will see both the slides and the details.

  5. Print or save to PDF.

For more detailed information about this, please head to: The flipped presentation

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