Why are presentation handouts usually set aside and forgotten?

leaflet-stock-19798457It has become a habit for most of us that right after attending an inspiring talk or seminar, we tend to promise ourselves to go back to the handouts given and refer to them every now and then. But what happens is, these handouts slowly find their way to our bookshelves and in time forgotten that they ever existed. Why is this so? Well, here are three reasons for this:

  1. Information overload. When you’re taking the seminar, you digest the information over time, and it all makes sense. When looking back at the manual without context or story, it’s often difficult to remember what it all means.

  2. Text, text, and more text. It’s sometimes difficult to be inspired to read a lot of dense, printed information without meaningful visuals.

  3. U-G-L-Y… Ugly. Plain and simple, it’s just not fun to look at something that doesn’t look good.

Now that we know what makes these handouts inevitably forgotten, perhaps we can do something about it to make them more interesting such that the people who attended the seminar will refer to these things every so often.

To find out more about what can be done, please head to this post: 6 Top Tips for Creating Memorable Handouts & Manuals by Steve Cherches


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