How to Intrigue Your Audience

intrigue-2793057We all want our presentations to be interesting, intriguing and captivating, right? Sometimes, it’s not enough to just know by heart what we’re going to tell our audience. Sometimes, you can use certain techniques to make your presentations more intriguing.

One way to do this is to organize your content in such a way that your audience will want to know more. How do you do this? Well, PowerPoint MVP Ellen Finkelstein gave an example in her blog post Intrigue your audience. It goes like this:

Did you know? (some fact or statistic. Some problem that costs time or money)
Did you know? (a second fact or problem)
Did you know? (a third one)
What if? Imagine (here you present the ideal solution)
You don’t have to imagine it; we’ve created it!

This is the problem-solution structure. By doing this, your audience can be easily intrigued and then persuaded! There are other techniques as well.

Find out more by reading her post: Intrigue your audience


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