9 Tips to Making a 15-Minute Sales Pitch

wall-clock-24422656Making a sales pitch ought to be easy especially for experienced sales persons. But this is not always the case. To avoid embarrassing yourself and making sure that you deliver a fun, interesting and engaging pitch to say, 25-30 people in only 15 minutes, follow these 9 tips:

  1. Do not begin with the name and introduction of everyone on your team – even if your entire team is present. 
  2. Do not begin with background of who you are and why you’re there.
  3. Start strong.
  4. Stay future focused.
  5. Don’t apologize for not having something with you.
  6. Leave out the parts that they don’t care about.
  7. Eliminate self-centered behaviors.
  8. Stay through the end.
  9. Create extraordinary opportunities from routine selling situations.

To know more about this, please head to: Why Should They Listen to Your Pitch? 9 Important Tips


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