Creat Anticipation When You Speak

anticipate-6218599The act of anticipation generates more excitement and other positive emotions about the upcoming event that’s being anticipated. This is true for food (when you wait for your favorite pizza to be delivered), while waiting to see your favorite movie, or when thinking about seeing an old friend. Anticipation creates more desire in you to go eat that food, go see that movie or go meet that special friend.  The same is true when you deliver a speech in front of an audience.

So how do you add anticipation to your speech or presentation in order to increase your audience’s engagement? Here are three ways:

1. Set the GPS to navigate through your talk.  Let your audience now where you plan to take them and what road you’ll take to get them there.

2. Tease your audience.  Give them teasers. Make an exciting promise. This way,  you make your audience crave more of what you have to offer.

3. Nest a story within a story. Engage your audience’s emotions by telling a story then make a detour to another story. end that other story first before heading back to the first one. This way, you will create nested loops to keep your audience craving for a resolution.

To find out more how to build anticipation when you speak, please head to:  Navigate, tease and loop: Three ways to create anticipation when you speak

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