14 Tips to Better Your Sales Presentation

buy-now-button-13073877We all want to give sales presentations that are meaningful for our audience. We want to engage them, make sure they find our topic relevant and interesting so they get to buy from us. Unfortunately, this is not the case for most sales presentations. Typically, the audience get bored halfway through the entire thing and before you know it, you’ve already lost their interest (and the sale!) on what you’re trying to convey. So how do we make sure that our sales message gets across our audience? How do we make our sales presentations better?

Below are 14 ideas you can apply to make your sales presentations a lot more engaging.

Prioritize Your Messages

Focus your sales message on three key reasons to buy, and place everything else into one of those main categories. It will make your sales presentation far more persuasive.

Be a Challenger

One of the best ways to challenge your prospects is by starting your presentation by looking at why what everyone has always done doesn’t work and won’t work, and what that costs.

Cut Half Your Material

Edit your presentations aggressively – try cutting half the material, tell your story pithily, and make certain to address the decision your prospects are making at the right stage in the sales cycle.

Lose the Text

Don’t use text to communicate at all. Just use photos you took or that are really relevant, graphs, charts, and other visualizations. People can’t read and listen at the same time – so stop undermining your sales presentation with lousy text-heavy slides.

Use a Physical Prop

Find a prop, pass it around, talk about it, show it, let your audience hold it. Props help to make presentations compelling.

Mix Your Media

Use a variety of media, as appropriate, to help make your presentation more compelling.

Create a Hyperlinked Interactive Menu

Hyperlink parts of the relevant slides, and click on the menu when presenting to skip to that section.

Record an On-Demand Version, and Track It

Use a tool like Brainshark to record a narrated version of your sales presentation, and then track exactly who watches.

Video Yourself Delivering Your Sales Presentation

A presentation needs a presenter too, and presenting confidently and clearly can make all the difference.

Stop Half-Way

Try presenting your introduction – describing the problem and the cost of not solving it – and then stop presenting and start questioning.

Have a Conversation

Why plan out a 20-minute monologue when you can present a few slides, talk, then follow-up with whatever’s relevant.

Annotate Your Slides

Annotate photos, populate charts, or even ask your prospect to take control and sketch out their own situation.

Hand Over Your iPad

Divide your sales presentation into short sequences, and present with SlideShark. Use a sketching app such as Bamboo to share ideas. Sit on the same side of the desk. Hand the iPad over to your prospect. Be conversational, and interactive.

Get Help From a Professional

Presentation design expertise can protect your brand and deliver compelling visuals.

To learn more about this, please head to: 14 Sales Presentation Ideas

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