How to give a better speech – 3 Tips

female-speaker-28119342You’ve probably heard of these tips before but when it comes to public speaking, it’s always good to learn from the experience of the more seasoned ones. Below are three tried and tested tips you can apply to your next speech, presentation or public speaking stint:

Start Strong:

You have to control how you want to get introduced. First impressions do last and how you come across your audience when you get introduced can color the way your audiences see you when you give your talk.

Your Style Says A Lot About You:

Balance the way you want to project yourself as a professional credible speaker. You’d want to be true to your personal style but at the same time project a trustworthy personality on stage.

It’s Homework Time:

Know your audience so you’d know what they want to learn from you.

For more insight on this matter, please head to:  3 Tips To Transform Your Next Speech Into An Experience For Your Audience



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  1. Great stuff, always good information, Thanks

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