How to Have Meaningful Communication. Here are Four Tips!

134791117748nvYmAre you just new to presentations and public speaking? The moment you found out that you were going to present in front of a live audience, what did you think? You most probably thought about what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it. To make things easier for you, just follow these 4 simple and doable principles of communication:

1. Add value – Give your audience something new, something they still haven’t heard before, something they don’t know. You can do a little research and ask your target audience what is it they would like to learn about. Match your topic to their level of knowledge.

2. Be relevant – Your topic should resonate with your audience’s background and level of skills so it can be more meaningful for them.

3. Be accurate – Know your subject well but only give important details that your audience will find useful. Less is more.

4. Be clear and organized – You can do this by using stories, analogies, graphics and other visual aides.

To know more about how to have meaningful communication, please head to: Use the 4 principles of meaningful communication


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