4 Ways to Handle Q and A

questionHow you handle the Q and A portion of your presentation will determine the success of your entire presentation so make sure you prepare well and follow these four tips.

1. Don’t leave Q & A for the end.

It’s better to pose questions all throughout your presentation unless you are addressing thousands of people.  Count a few seconds after asking your question then move on.

2. Prepare with your own questions.

Just in case no one answers your questions, then be ready to give your own answer.

3. Practice making people feel smart.

Sometimes people ask hostile questions because more often than not, they don’t understand. So help them understand and make them feel smart by acknowledging their question and saying that maybe they are right it’s just that you haven’t read any research to support their claim but what you do know according to your studies is this, this and this.

4. Don’t shame yourself!

Once you have already answered a hostile question for instance, move on to the next topic or the next person. Don’t ever ask the same person “have I satisfied your curiosity?” Because doing that will just bring back the power to them.

For more insight on this matter, please head to: How you Handle Q & A Determines Your Presentation’s Success




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