5 Movement Tips on Stage When Presenting

siedlce-poland-march-dancers-luz-dance-theatre-perform-stage-podlasie-theatre-march-siedlce-poland-29822856If you’re going to present to a live audience any time soon and you’d like to find out how to maximize the stage or make your stage presence felt in such a way that your audience will get more engaged, here are five tips you can follow:

  1. Make your main point from the middle because this is the power position. Go back to this position whenever you’re stressing a point.
  2. Move to the left and right, like from left to right for instance, which is the direction of the passage of time especially when sharing something in chronological order. 
  3. Walk forward when emphasizing something.
  4. Move into your audience’s space to increase their trust and grab their attention.
  5. Analyze your movement. Record yourself on video and review your movement from start to finish so you can correct your flaws.

Do these tips wisely. By doing purposeful movements on stage, your speech will become persuasive and memorable. To get more insights on this matter, head over to: 5 tips for taking full advantage of stage space

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One Response to 5 Movement Tips on Stage When Presenting

  1. Antoni says:

    These movement tips you’ve mentioned are great! The middle of the stage is definitely the power position, so it makes perfect sense to use this space appropriately. Thank you!

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