Persuasive vs. Informative Presentation

???????????????????????????????????????When we give presentations, it’s mostly either an informative one or a persuasive one. What’s the difference? And are there similarities? Read on…

Persuasive presentations are typically used when you’re selling a product or a service or trying to convince your audience to do something. Presentations like this evoke emotions to trigger something in the audience that will make  them buy your product or hire your service.

Informative presentations, on the other hand, are usually for training and education purposes. It may involve a little bit of persuasion at first but typically this is when the presenter would want his or her audience to remember the data or facts being given.

So when you present, know first what you’re goal is. Are you trying to inform or are you trying to persuade? To know more about this, please head to:

The difference between a persuasive and an informative presentation

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