How to tell your boss you need training in presentation skills

Sometimes, even when information about how to create powerful and effective presentations abound, some presenters continue to stick to their old ways of presenting even if it’s obvious that their audience hates it and worse, does not help bring in sales to their company. So how would you convince your executives for instance that presenters will have to undergo some sort of presentation skills training in order to make their company presentations better and more effective?

In this blog post, How to convince executives that presenters 1324339399c6L5bbneed presentation skills training, Ellen teaches us some things you can do. Here are a few of them:

1. Point to recent failures so they are made aware that the current way of presenting is not working.
2. Explain the research. Back it up with facts.
3. Show before and after examples. This will let them see for themselves that there are better ways of doing things.

For more information about this, head to Ellen’s blog post:
How to convince executives that presenters need presentation skills training

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