10 Commandments of Public Speaking from TED

commandment (1)I’m sure you already know what TED talks are. If not, just visit their page (http://www.ted.com/), look around and watch one of their videos there. You’d be amazed at how their presenters or public speakers are able to deliver their message in 18 minutes without losing the attention of the audience.

Below are TED’s ten commandments we could all follow so we learn how to become better presenters and public speakers.

1. Dream big. Do something that’s never been done before. Be a star. Share something that can really make a BIG difference.

2. Show us the real you. You’re only human. So don’t be afraid to show your vulnerability. Be real. You’d be more appreciated.

3. Make the complex plain. Speak in layman’s terms. Tell simple but interesting stories. Give examples. Be specific.

4. Connect with people’s emotions. Make us laugh! Make us cry!

5. Don’t flaunt your ego. Lest you want to turn off your audience.

6. No selling from the stage! No selling about yourself, your company or your products.

7. Feel free to comment on other speakers’ talks, to praise or to criticize. Give us your opinion.

8. Don’t read your talk. Notes are fine. You can read from your notes instead of rambling but don’t read the whole thing from start to finish!

9. End your talk on time. Always. This shows respect.

10. Rehearse your talk. Practice makes perfect as the saying goes. Do this in front of a trusted friend … for timing, for clarity, for impact.

Follow these 10 commandments if you want to speak well just like TED’s public speakers. They are basic, simple enough to do and provide sound instruction for those who want to be effective speakers.

Read more about this here: Tips from TED: 10 Commandments of Public Speaking

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