Six Presentation or Public Speaking Lessons We Can Learn from Freddie Mercury

1Freddie Mercury is the lead vocalist and lyricist of Queen and is one of the best entertainers in his time. Below are some of the things we can learn from him and apply into our public speaking career.

1. Stay hydrated.

Freddie always had plenty of water on hand.  Make sure the water is at room temperature though as it is the best for the vocal chords.

2. Engage your audience.

Interacting with your audience is a great way to keep their attention and stimulate their interest. You can do this by asking questions, giving your audience a writing exercise or group activity or demonstration.

3. Use vocal variety.

By varying the tone of your voice depending on the emotions that you want to evoke at a particular moment, you get to emphasize your points more  and you let the audience absorb what you just said.

4. Use the stage.

Don’t be afraid to use the four points of the stage. This will bridge the physical distance between you and your audience and will make them you feel more accessible to them. A good rule of thumb is to stand still while making a point, move a few steps during a transition, then “plant yourself” and make another good point.

5. Turn up the energy.

You have to give it everything you have energy-wise otherwise your audience will end up bored.

6. Have fun.

Freddie had fun. It showed and the audience had fun as well.

For more insight about this subject, please head to: Six Public Speaking Lessons from Freddie Mercury

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