How to Own Your Presentation?

1321115173d9PNzPOwning one’s presentation is all about listening than talking. But how does a presenter do this when he has to talk up there on stage most of the time? Below are three things you can do so that you do more listening than talking and you end up owning your presentation:

1. Channel your inner reporter: I’ve already said this before and I’ll say it again – get to know your audience. Be like a reporter and do everything you can to find out who your audience are. This way, you can tailor fit your presentation to the needs of your audience. The presentation, after all, is always about them and not about you.

2. Be a punching bag: Show your presentation draft to as many sources of feedback as possible. It’s okay to receive criticisms just as long as you turn these negative feedback and comments into constructive points of improvement so you can make a killer presentation.

3. Set the stage: If you can turn the first few moments of your presentation into a Q&A section where you ask the right questions, the better. This way, you establish more credibility than if you just barrage your audience with your bio.

For more insight about this matter, please head to: You Need to Own Your Presentation


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