Tips to Developing Your Public Speaking Skills

1220898966iP329aBelow are 10 tips you can use to become a more powerful public speaker:

1. Calming Your Nerves and Gaining Confidence.

To do this, there are physical exercises you can do. Also, be honest when you speak rather than aiming to impress your audience. Audience will always remember how you made them feel while you were speaking as compared to the facts and figures you showed them.

2. Know How to Prepare and Organize Your Topic.

Use an outline to help organize your thoughts. And equally important is to  learn how to tell stories when you speak.

3. Understand How to Achieve Presence and Charisma.

This involves learning how to do proper breathing, proper use of body language and application of vocal techniques.

4. Use the Power of Your Voice 

This involves the proper use of the five essential vocal tools: energy, pitch inflection, pace, use of silence, and vocal quality.

5. Create Dynamic Introductions and Conclusions.

Psychology states that audiences retain best what they experience first (concept of primacy). Similiar is the concept of recency, which says that audience members strongly retain what they experience last. So make your opening and closing remarks memorable.

6. Learn to Stay Focused and On Message.

This involves knowing how to educate, inspire and persuade your listeners. You do this by falling in love with your listeners rather than being more concerned with your own performance.

7. Engage and Motivate Your Audience.

This involves knowing the needs of your listeners, know your purpose and the message you want to convey and be conscious about how you want to engage your audience with your message.

8. Know How to Deal with Challenges and Resistance.

If there is resistance among your audience, remember your purpose in giving your speech or presentation. Always be neutral when disagreeing and try not to be defensive.

9. Handle Q & A Like a Pro.

If you truly know what you are talking about, then it will show in the way you handle the Q&A portion.

10. Learn the Nuts & Bolts of Presentations.

This involves practical techniques like taking food that can positively affect your speaking energy, speaking from your notes or manuscript, dealing with lecterns and microphones, etc.

To know more about these tips, please head to: 10 Techniques for Powerful Public Speaking Skills



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