How to Properly Introduce a Speaker

???????????????????????????????????????When introducing a speaker for a talk, the one who makes the introduction sometimes takes the center stage which is a definite no-no. Here are four awesome tips you can use to make sure  you do the job right.

  • Keep it short. 30 seconds is enough for informal gatherings. If you are introducing the main speaker for a big event, then one minute of introduction would suffice. If the event is a formal one and the speaker you are introducing is very important, then two minutes of introduction would be more than enough.
  • Do your research. Being the one to introduce the speaker to the audience, you have to do your research in advance. Contact the speaker to find out what his/her speech will be about  and why it is important to the audience. Try asking also about the speaker’s experience, achievements and interests to help  you establish the speaker’s credibility.
  • Prepare a three-part outline. Convey to the audience the reason why this particular  speaker will be discussing about the subject. Describe the subject or the problem that the audience share. Briefly tell them how this talk will solve their concerns then end by stating the speaker’s credentials to establish credibility and authority.
  • Conclude with the speaker’s name to signal the speaker to come forward. Wait until the speaker arrives at the podium, step back and hand the podium over to the speaker.

By doing these things, you would have done your job well in introducing the speaker for your event.

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