5 Ways to Make Your Presentation More Interesting

???????????????????????????????????????In life, as we continue with our ways, year after year after year, we usually fall into the trappings of monotony. We eventually let our habits and routines control us until our days become as boring as the next. This can also happen in our presentations and it’s something that presenters should avoid and try not to do.

Below are five ways you can do to make sure that you don’t fall into this habit of having boring presentations.

1. Experience more: The more varied the experiences you have, the more resources you’ll have for amazing stories. So expose yourself to new adventures and try out new things. Read more books and meet new people. Doing so can have amazing impact on your next presentation.

2. Embrace friction: Commit yourself to reading or listening at least one news source that contains views and opinions opposite yours. This will help banish your preconceived notions and expectations and make you see the other side of the coin much clearly.


3. Honor thy bucket list: Have a list of new things to do and stick to them. People who strive to have more adventures in life tend to have more energy. Consequently, this vibrancy and zest for life will transfer to their audience when they speak.

4. Appeal to authority: Having believable testimonials offer credibility and authority. It makes your stories more engaging and gives merit to your stories.

5. Be funny: You achieve this by giving war stories. These are stories of things and experiences gone wrong that audience can relate to. It’s a great rhetorical device that makes people laugh thereby making presentations more lively and interesting.

For more insight, please head to:

5 Ways Not to be Boring with Your Next Presentation



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