The REA Formula for Effective Public Speaking

12725581195WgAvbREA is short for RECORD, EVALUATE, APPLY. These are three tips you can use to to enhance your speech. Do these in the said order and your next speech will surely be awesome.


Record your speech rehearsal using a video recorder. During playback, you will have a idea about how you will look like on stage and what particular mannerisms and quirks you usually exhibit.


By watching your video, you not only have an idea of what you look like on stage, but you will also have a perspective of how your audience will see you. Look into the areas that you don’t like and improve on them. If you find everything fine, then great! Just keep it up.


Whatever it is that you want to improve or change when you give your speech, act on it. If it’s less hand movement or better eye contact that you wish, practice it and record yourself again. See how better you have improved since your last speech recording.

Do these three and let me know how it all turns out for you.

You can read more about this here: How to Rehearse Your Speech Effectively

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