Six Important Body Language Skills When Presenting

1257637208Byie6dHow you communicate non-verbally to your audience is very important when delivering a speech or presentation. So as a speaker or presenter, you have to make sure that you are delivering your body language effectively. To make sure that you get to do this, here are six (6) important body language techniques you can do. These are simple and proven ways to make you effective at what you do.

1. Who’s Looking Good? Find models of people you consider to be dynamic speakers. Observe how they use gestures fluidly and easily, and watch how they move on a stage or behind a lectern.

2. Learn from the Pros. Watch a television program or movie that contains ample opportunity for “drama” like prime-time shows that are equally dramatic in terms of the emotional range they demand of the actors.

3. (Re)Learn how to Breathe. Breathing correctly is a key component of effective body language and gestures. Learn to do this again in order to speak with confidence.

4. Smile. Practice smiling: at the start of a presentation when you greet your audience, and at appropriate moments as you speak.

5. Become a Video Star. Tape yourself speaking or presenting with a video camera to help bring your subsoncscious behaviors up to your consciousness.

6. Know Your Performance Space. Whenever possible, visit the venue where you’ll be presenting. Get a sense of the space—whether it’s a small room or an auditorium or anything in between—and tell yourself you’re going to fill it.

To read more about this, please head to: Body Language for Public Speaking: 6 Skills Building Exercises

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