Three Powerful Presentation Skills

???????????????????????????????????????When presenting, it is important to show a performance version of yourself. This is not to say that you’d be less honest about who you are. It’s actually being able to marry your honesty and the truthfulness behind your message to some very powerful presentation skills listed below:

1. COMPETENCE – It is important to let your audience know how competent you are. The more you show your confidence and credibility, the more your audience will trust you and your message.

2. RAPPORT – When you tell your story or convey your message, make sure that your audience finds something in common with you. This will make them believe you more and you’ll be able to persuade them better with your message.

3. DELIVERY – Audiences usually have certain judgments and preconceived notions about speakers. You have to make sure that you deliver your speech well by delivering it with confidence, enthusiasm and gusto!

For more insight regarding this matter, please head to: Powerful Presentation Skills: A Key to Business Success



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