Why there is a need for QandA after a presentation

1277750839V8C83BAre you the type of presenter or speaker who makes sure there’s time for Q & A at the end of your presentation or speech? Actually, it is essential to allow questions to be asked by your audience at the end of a business presentation. This way, whatever learning your audience got from your presentation, you will be able to clarify further, enrich their knowledge and deepen the experience they had of your talk. Aside from these things, read these four other excellent reasons why there should be time for Q & A after your speech or presentation.

Reason # 1: Your presentation may have confused some audience members or left them unconvinced. (Or worse, left them unimpressed with you as a speaker.) By answering their questions, your presentation can have a better conclusion for them.

Reason # 2: It’s your chance to clarify your argument, give examples of your solution in action, or overcome opposition. 

The atmosphere during Q & A is more relaxed as compared to when you were giving your presentation where you have to cram everything in a  given period of time. Here, you’ll have a chance to give more solutions to problems or clarify those issues that were not clear for your audience.

Reason #3: Q & A is more conversational and natural than a one-way speech. 

Because you are answering your audience’s questions here, the whole thing becomes a rapport, thus, is more conversational. The whole experience becomes more honest and engaging which gives your presentation an effective finish.

Reason #4: Q & A demands your absolute best.  

Answering questions at this time can’t really be practiced unlike how you may have practiced your speech several times. No matter how hard you have prepared for your speech and anticipated questions your audience may ask, you might still be surprised at what your audience can tell you. With that said, Q & A can help you bring out your natural best.


For more insight, please head to: 4 Reasons Why Q & A Is a Presentation Tool You Need to Master

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