Simple But Awesome Tips on Banishing Presentation Jitters

1259616414ecU2M4Everyone experiences jitters or butterflies or anxiety (of whatever you call it) before, during and even after making a speech or presentation. This includes pros as well. After all, we’re only human and every now and then, we get afraid of what might happen once on stage. Those who seem very confident on stage appear so because they have already mastered the art of banishing jitters before and during a speech. You can also accomplish this by doing the following tips:

  • Be in the room at least an hour early if possible to check everything. Chat with people.
  • Notice and think about things around you.
  • Think about current events you can mention in your talk (especially in the opening).
  • Get into conversation with people near you. Be very intent on what they are saying.
  • Yawn to relax your throat.
  • Doodle.

To see the complete list on how you can calm your nerves during your speech, please head to the following link:

Calm Your Nerves: 27 Ways to Banish Pre-Speech Jitters

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