It takes 25 steps to master your presentation

Below are the steps used in making a presentation whether you’re using PowerPoint or another presentation software. They are originally from Garr Reynold’s “Presentation Zen”. In case you still haven’t read the book, here’s a good summary of how you can master your presentations in the future.


Step-1 There are three stages of making a presentation. Preparation -> Design -> Delivery

Step – 2 Challenge the status quo.

Step – 3 Start with a beginner’s mind.

Step – 4 Put constraints on yourself.

Step – 5 Understand the needs of your audience.

Step – 6 Do not plan using the software.

Step – 7 Aim for clarity, simplicity & brevity.

Step – 8 Ask the right questions.

Step – 9 Ask yourself two questions regularly.

Step – 10 Create proper handouts.

Step – 11 Craft a story.

Step – 12 Create rough slides on paper or post-it notes.

Step – 13 Edit like crazy.

Step – 14 Design is not decoration.

Step – 15 Remove all noise from your design.

Step – 16 No 3D (Three dimensional) charts.

Step – 17 Picture is superior to text.

Step – 18 Better utilisation of empty space on your slide.

Step – 19 Follow the C.R.A.P principle of design.

Step – 20 Be totally immersed in the moment.

Step – 21 Practice makes perfect.

Step – 22 Do not hold back.

Step – 23 Keep the audience hungry for more.

Step – 24 Do not stand behind a lectern (podium).

Step – 25 Mastering presentations is a journey.

For more insight on the matter, please head to: Master your Presentation in 25 Steps 

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