How to Deliver Exciting Speeches? Here are Five Tips

As speakers, of course we all want our speeches to be interesting, exciting and stimulating. But then it’s always easier said than done. Below are 5 tips you can apply to make your speech more attention-grabbing.

1. Open Hot, Close Hotter.

Because the first and last few seconds of the speech is most crucial, speakers should always open and end with a bang.

2. Get the Inside Scoop.

If your speech is for a specific set of clients, you can get the inside scoop on them to make your speech more tailored according to their needs. How do you do this? –> By interviewing the attendees’ family members and colleagues. This way, the speaker gets the inside scoop or stories to what makes the attendees tick. Your audience will surely enjoy them.

3. Try Inside-Out Speaking.

This is the opposite of writing speeches for you to read. Instead, make the speech more conversational where there are questions you ask your audience to draw out their thoughts and ideas. 

4. Provide  Magic Moments.

What are these magic moments? Speeches should be  humorous,  dramatic, profound, or poignant such that the audience can tell their friends about your speech later or relive it in their memory.

5. Avoid Borrowed Stories.

Be original and creative with your stories. Avoid using another person’s stories as much as possible. But if you can’t, then be sure to credit the original owner.

For more insight on the matter, please head to:  Five Tips to Deliver Exciting Speeches

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