3 Tips to Becoming a Quotable Speaker

When a speaker becomes quotable, then it means that he/she has captivated his/her audience. This means that the speech made by the speaker has become memorable to the point that people want to quote parts of the speech they find interesting again and again.

Below are three essential tips you can take note of. Apply these to your speech or presentation so that you too can become a quotable speaker in the future.

1. Make Your Idea Very Clear – How do you do this? By stating the purpose or essence of your speech.

2. Make Your Phrasing Shine – How do you do this? Choose your words right. Choose those that will create a vivid image in your audience’s imagination.

3. It’s All About The Delivery – How do you do this? By pausing, then delivering the line you want to be quotable, then pausing again. This way, the line will have a lasting impact to your audience.

To find out more about this, please head to: How A Speaker Can Become Quotable

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