PowerPoint:Take Your Slides from Mediocre to Memorable (Webinar)

Here’s a FREE webinar recording by Ellen Finkelstein, “Take Your Slides from Mediocre to Memorable”

We are a community of experts and practitioners dedicated to sharing the best, most practical information about developing and delivering face-to-face & online presentations. The ability to build or deliver persuasive presentations plays a crucial role in the careers of business people of all levels. Our mission is to help you take your presentation skills to the next level — and help your organization get a competitive edge in the process. Our Xpert Thinking program includes a monthly eNewsletter, PresentationXpert; an interactive Ning community & a new Webinar Wednesday series featuring the industry’s top experts providing how-to advice and insights. Providing advice from regular roster of world-class experts on designing and delivering persuasive presentations, content includes advice on how to rehearse more efficiently, build more audience engagement, design impactful PowerPoint slides in short time frames, master the latest presentation technologies, and much more.

About presenternews
I write about presentation skills and provide news from the presentation skills blogosphere.

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