10 Mistakes in Public Speaking

No matter how good a speaker we are, we’re only human and as such, we make mistakes from time to time. “That’s because inexperienced or unwise presenters prepare to deliver information. Smart speakers, on the other hand, understand that it’s what’s below the waterline, the huge part of the iceberg having to do with nonverbal communication, that influences their audiences most strongly.”

Having said that, there are ten mistakes in public speaking that should be avoided as much as possible. Here they are:

1. Lack of initial rapport with listeners.

2. Stiffness or woodenness in use of body.

3. Material is intellectually oriented and audience isn’t involved emotionally.

4. Speaker seems uncomfortable because of fear of failure.

5. Poor use of eye contact and facial expression.

6. Lack of humor.

7. Speech direction and intent are unclear due to improper preparation.

8. Inability to use silence for impact.

9. Lack of energy causes inappropriate pitch pattern, speech rate, and volume.

10. Use of boring language and lack of interesting material.

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