Seven Things You Should Know About Body Language

I’ve shared some stuff here before about the importance of non-verbal communication or body language. By learning to read body language, we are able to understand other people’s intents even if we don’t know their specific conscious thoughts.  With that being said, here are some more things you should know about body language. Brace yourself. These may be opposite of what you already know.

1.  Much of what the experts tell you about body language is wrong. 

2.  The face is a poor place to start reading body language. 

3.  But the face does sometimes give away our strongest feelings.

4.  Body language signals intent, not specific meaning.

5.  You’re much better at reading the body language of people you know than any expert. 

6.  To read body language accurately, don’t think about it.

7.  You have 3 brains; 2 of them are good at reading body language, your unconscious mind and your gut feeling.

Read the rest of the article about 7  Surprising Truths about Body Language

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