Oprah’s Storytelling Tips

You probably all know Oprah’s life story. After all, she’s not one to hide her past. She is actually very genuine and sincere when telling her story which is why a lot of people love her, find her very enthralling and captivating.

Below are some lessons we can learn from Oprah when it comes to telling a story that can not only enrich and inspire one’s audience but make them love you too and keep them craving for more.

1. Proclaiming the Personal  – by volunteering deeply personal stories about yourself, you can connect with your audience in ways that have a lasting impact.

2. Master of Emotion – by sincerely reacting to things, the audience can resonate with the speaker. For instance, how Oprah reacts (whether it’s about a horrific event, an emotional story, an inspiring event) is also how people react to the same things.

3. 100% Real – As a speaker, when you are being 100% authentic, people can feel it. This is why people love Oprah. They know she’s a genuine person, she’s real.

For more insights on this matter, please head to: Storytelling Tips from Oprah

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