How to Improve Your Team’s Presentation Skills

Your company or team may be composed of brilliant individuals but as a team, are they great at presenting? Do they create the kind of impact needed for your team to wow their audience? Below are 5 things your team can do to improve their presentation skills.

1. Cast the Roles and Rehearse for a Great Performance. – Know who is best at speaking in front of an audience, who is good with the slides and the computer, who is an expert at answering questions and any other role that you deem needed during the presentation. Then have them practice as a team.  By tapping your people for the skills that they are already good at, then as a team they would be more effective.

2. Choose Purpose Over Content. – It may sound great to deliver such detailed content but make sure it coincides with the main purpose of your presentation. Don’t bombard your audience with a lot of content that is not aligned with the purpose of your presentation.

3. Create a Theme for Your Presentation. – By doing this, your presentation becomes more interesting for your audience especially if you know that many other speakers will be presenting before your team. Imagine the information overload your audience must be feeling by that time! With a theme  behind your presentation, the monotony of the whole affair gets broken and your audience will feel more receptive to what your team has to say.

4. Tell Your Company or Organization’s Story. – This tip is different from babbling about your company’s success, accomplishments and products way too much that you lose your audience in the process.  It is about telling the story behind your organization, a story that your audience can relate to while at the same time giving them the chance to see the solution to their problems.

5. Use Body Language and Nonverbal Communication. – The way to persuade your audience or compel them to act is through your body language or the non-verbal communication that transpires among your presenters. The speech or verbal part of the presentation is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Do You Want to Bore Your Audience?

If you don’t want to bore your prospects or your audience, here are 8 things YOU SHOULD NOT DO when presenting:

1. Start your pitch by talking about your company – A lot of presenters do this, but really, your audience doesn’t care. What they want to know is how you can solve their problems.

2. Talk endlessly about your product, offering or solution – Just give the product features that are relevant to your audience. The rest can go to the handouts which your detail-oriented audience can check later on.

3. Make the conversation one-way – Always get your audience involved.

4. Use jargon, techno-speak or corporate mumbo-jumbo – Always use simple language if you want to engage your audience.

5. Use a monotone voice – This is one of the quickest ways to put your audience to sleep. You don’t want that happening now do you?

6. Use the same pace and pitch during your entire pitch – Same as number 5.

7. Read directly from your slide deck – Your audience attended your presentation to listen to your words of wisdom and not to listen to you read your slides word for word. The slides are just there to make a point. And when I say point, use graphics instead of words.

8. Use the words “I”, “we” “me” “us” “our” – Again, the presentation is not about you or your company, it’s about your audience. They’d rather hear you address them by their name or mention the name of their company. That would be music to their ears.

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