Do you use quotes in your speech? Here’s how:

Once in a while, we end up giving speeches with quotes. But do you know if you’re using those quotes right? Below are tips on how you can make sure you get the maximum benefits of using quotes in your presentation:

1. Do your research right by getting the phrase right, making sure the source you got it from is reliable, and that you use the quote in the right context.

2. Quote people your audience knows. Do this by quoting a well-known expert in the field, or the speaker before you at the event you’re at, or quote yourself jokingly. If you plan to quote someone who is not that well-known, introduce the speaker and establish their credibility first.

3. Use your own words to open and close; quote in the middle. Do this by opening your speech with a quote but do this sparingly; avoid closing your speech with a quote; and remember that quotations work best in the body of your speech.

4. Draw attention to the quote through your delivery.

5. Use trustworthy resources.

6. Be selective.

To find out more about the importance of knowing how to properly use quotes in your presentation, please head to:

How to Use Quotes in Your Speech:8 Benefits and 21 Tips

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