Important Things to Think About Before Making a Presentation

When tasked to do a presentation, more often than not, we tend to go straight to our laptops, open PowerPoint and start typing what we want to present. Now, before you do that, before you go ahead and make that presentation think about these 9 things first. Doing so will help you come up with a better presentation in a more efficient and effective manner:

1. Are you spending more time on slide designing and less on thinking about what you have to say? 

2. Your success depends on how well you think and not how well you speak.

3. Have a goal for every speech/presentation. 

4. Respect your audience’s time. 

5. Have a clear structure for your talk.

6. Bear in mind that people have a limited attention span.

7. Talk about what people care and they will give you their attention.

8. Ask yourself: ‘Why is the audience watching this?’

9. Before accepting to speak at an event or conference, ask three questions: a) What does the organiser want from you? b) What does the audience want from you? and c) What are you capable of delivering?

To know more about this, please head to: 9 things to note before you open PowerPoint

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