How to start your speech? Here are 3 ways…

Below are the 3 best ways  TED speakers usually start their presentation. Since the first 20 seconds of any talk or presentation is crucial in catching the attention of your audience, make sure that you get to engage them immediately  before they get distracted by their own thoughts and other stimuli.

Opening #1: The Personal Story – make sure it’s personal, relevant to the message you want to convey and that it starts in the middle to make them think about the who, what, where, whey, why, or how of your story.

Opening #2: The Powerful Question – use how or why questions.

Opening #3: The Shocking Statement – use a statement that will trigger a range of audience emotions.

For more insights on this matter, please head to:

3 Best Ways To Start Your Speech – Guest post by Jeremey Donovan


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