Five No-No Ideas in Public Speaking

A presentation is similar to a conversation such that there’s is a back and forth / give and take relationship between the speaker and the audience but with a bit more structure. In order to do this, be sure to avoid these five no-no ideas in public speaking:

1. “Tell ‘em what you’re going to say, say it, and tell ‘em what you said.” – While repetition can be good to make sure that your audience gets your point, don’t overdo it. Or if there’s an idea you have to keep conveying to them, do so by paraphrasing or telling another story with similar lesson. But if it’s not necessary, avoid repetition.

2. “A good presentation has to have slides.  Has to!” – While PowerPoint slides and its clones can help bring out the best in your presentation especially when done properly, great public speeches rarely use them.

3. “A speech is a formal occasion.  It’s not the same as a conversation.  Different rules apply.” It actually is a kind of conversation but with more structure and an end goal in mind.

4. “When I speak, I have to stay behind the podium.” By showing yourself to your audience, moving around the stage, coming near them when necessary, you show courage and more credibility. Don’t hide behind the podium. If your notes are there and the button you use to click on your slides, be more prepared and use wireless.

5. “We have to save the last 15 minutes of the speech slot for Q ‘n A.” Do you usually have Q&A as the final thing that your audience hears after your speech? Why not save the last 5 minutes of your allotted time for your remarks instead? This way, you get to summarize and end your whole speech gracefully rather than have your audience hear from you the last answer to the last question asked which is what pretty much they will remember.


For more insight, please head to: Bad Rules Never Seem to Die: the 5 Worst Ideas in Public Speaking


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