Allow Extra Time in Presentations and Reap Its Rewards

Smart speakers don’t fill in all the time allotted for them to talk. This allows them extra time for other things that will make their talk more memorable and full of impact. Here are the benefits you will reap if you allow extra time in your speech or presentation:

  1. A happier audience – by not talking the whole allotted time, you make your audience want for more. That’s a sign that they’re happy about your talk.
  2. A more engaged audience – no audience would want you babbling all the time. They want to participate too and I don’t mean by just nodding and clapping.
  3. Less stress in the room – When there are only 5 minutes left to finish your talk, you would feel not just your stress but the anxiety of your audience too. Some would feel anxious that their questions won’t be answered and worse, that you still haven’t delivered the point of your story.
  4. More time to show off your deep knowledge – By allowing time for some Q&A, you’d impress your audience with your expertise. Don’t overwhelm them with all the facts and data during the talk. Leave some of the most important ones during the Q&A portion.
  5. Ease in handling the unexpected – When something unexpected happens like technical difficulty, fire alarm going off, etc. you’ll be less anxious about it since you’ve already allowed some time for something like this.
  6. A chance for better, more dramatic pacing – Talk fast and you’ll lose the attention of your audience. Allow for some dramatic pacing because you know you have the time will make you more engaging.
  7. Better comprehension from your audience – By talking at varied and slower pace, your audience will understand you better.

For more insight on this matter, please head to:  7 secret advantages of the speaker who allows extra time



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