How to Get Your Audience’s Attention in a Jiffy

It is quite a challenge, even for the experienced speakers, to catch your audience’s attention the first ten seconds of your speech or presentation. How do you do this? Rapport must immediately be established if possible in order to get them involved and elicit feelings of interest and curiosity.

These tips below on how to get your audience’s attention in 10 seconds are probably some tricks you’ve never heard of before. They’re worth trying as they seem to work for those who have already used them in their speeches and presentations. Here they are:

1. Use audio shock

2. Make your audience write 

3. Turn your back

4. Use a video intro 

5. Use unconventional props

6. Use a ball

7. Join the audience

8. Give them a super surprise

9. Get an unwilling volunteer

To know the details of these awesome tips, please head to: 9 Tips to Get Your Audience’s Attention…in 10 Seconds



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