6 Amazing Tools for Real Time Online Presentations

These six tools below will allow you to collaborate and hold presentations and demonstrations with your team even when you are offshore and do not share the same office space and facilities. This is because more and more offices are going virtual every day.

TeamViewer allows you to connect over 20 team members and allows all of them to share their screens with one another.

Join.me has a feature that makes sure that you are only sharing your screen with people you want to see it, by giving them a code that they need to use in order to gain access to your screen view.

Google Hangouts
This tool allows you to hold a video conference with your team and share your screen with them.

Vyew lets you can chat via text, audio or video, upload files and work on them simultaneously, and even take notes on a virtual whiteboard that is set up for you and your colleagues to use.

Scribblar is a bit simpler where you are given a whiteboard where you can share ideas.

Big Marker
gives you an online meeting room of your own that you can either make private or public.

For more info about these great free online tools, please head to:  6 Great Tools for Holding Live Online Presentations (Guest Post)

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