7 Reasons Why Speakers Need to Practice

It doesn’t matter how seasoned a speaker you are. You still need to practice before you do your big speech or presentation and you need to keep praticing some more. Here are seven reasons why:


  1. It will make you look like you didn’t need practice. – With practice, you will look more relaxed on stage and not forced.
  2. You will remember more of what you wanted to say. – Because you’ve been practicing, your brain will remember more details of your speech.
  3. You get to roll with the punches. – In case things go wrong like the computer breaks down or the mic doesn’t work, you can still speak and work around these hassles.
  4. You get to work out your stumbles ahead of time. – In case there are words or phrases that you keep forgetting, you can change them ahead of time rather than make the mistake in front of your audience.
  5. You get to try a new speaking skill with lower risk. – By practicing some more, you lower the risk of making mistakes.
  6. You get to build a stronger structure for your speech or presentation. – By practicing, you have more time to plan the important parts of your speech especially if you want to make a memorable ending.
  7. You get to hit those grace notes. – If you want to make your speech great, you can only do it with lots of practice.

To know more, please head to this link: 7 secret advantages of the speaker who practices

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