Connect with Your Audience the Dale Carnegie Way

These few tips below are from Dale Carnegie’s teachings which he wrote in his book How to Win Friends and Influence People. Since the book generally teaches us how to connect with people, these tips can also be used by presenters and speakers so they can better connect with their audience.

1. Begin with Friendliness – By being amiable, you’ll break that wall that separates the speaker from the audience. You’ll be more accessible and your audience would be able to relate to you more.

2. Tell Your Stories – Telling personal stories will make your audience root for you. It will make them see you as a real person rather than someone up there in the pedestal telling them what to do.

3. Importance is Integral – Public speaking is always about the audience and not about the speaker. So “present your content in a way that is particular to the audience you are speaking to; tailor your message to fit their needs.”

For more insight on this matter, please head to: How to Connect to Your Audience


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