Where to Look for Your Next Speech?

Are you running out of ideas where you can find the next topic for your speech? Well, here are 5 easy places where you might find a good topic in case you haven’t already thought of them:

1. The Internet. Obviously! Enjoy your surfing, but let it wander along the lines of the main aim of your speech. Your social network stream may also be a good place to look at.

2. Books. Review your old books. See if you may have missed some ideas. Try visiting bookstores too and spend time in that section of the bookstore that has something to do with your speech. An inspiration may strike you.

3. Magazines. Again, you are reading these already. Look at them from the slant of your speech.

4. People. Get out of your comfort zone and talk to people who may have something to do with your speech.

5. Your own experiences. Using your own life and its stories is one of the most powerful tools of public speaking.

Read more here:  Five easy ways to find content for your speeches


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