4 Ways to Eradicate Unnecessary Moves When You Speak in Public

Whether you’re a newbie presenter / public speaker or a seasoned one,  some of you may be exhibiting nonverbal moves which you are not aware of and which are distracting for your audience. How do you cure these unconscious moves? Below are four tactics that you can use.

1. Know what you’re doing – Try being conscious of your movements while you are there on stage speaking in front of an audience. But if you really find it hard to be conscious of your actions all the time, you can ask someone to record on video a few of your presentations or public speaking gigs. This way, you’ll have a concrete evidence as to how you act while speaking in front of many people.

2. Review video soon – Review the videos as soon as possible and from there you will be able to learn what are those moves that look unnecessary and distracting for your audience.

3. Know why you’re doing it – As you review your videos, try to understand why you made those unnecessary movements or gestures. Were you nervous at that time? Did you forget what you were supposed to say next? Were you uncomfortable? Knowing why you made those movements in the first place will help you deal with them and soon eradicate those unnecessary moves.

4. Find a substitute – It’s easier to unlearn an unwanted or unnecessary gesture by replacing it with a better and more appropriate one. Then practice your speech using these new moves and soon you’ll be on your way to totally eradicating those moves that don’t help you at all.

For more insights on this matter, please head to: “How do I correct the unconscious moves I make when I speak?”: 4 tactics

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