6 Secrets of Newbie Presenters

Being a newbie speaker is not so bad. Sometimes, it’s even advantageous because they have something that seasoned speakers don’t. Actually, they have 6 secrets that more experienced speakers don’t get to take advantage of anymore. Here they are:

1. No bad habits to unlearn – Truth be told, it is oftentimes harder to unlearn bad habits than to learn new ones. So get training as soon and as fast as you can before you develop the wrong speaking habits.

2. A healthy respect for the audience – As newbie speakers, they take into consideration what their audiences feel, perhaps because it hasn’t been too long since they’ve been part of the audience themselves.

3. The appropriate level of nervousness – Because newbie speakers and presenters haven’t had much experience yet, they tend to prepare more which is good and which seasoned speakers should continue to practice too.

4.  A willingness to prepare – In consonance to no.3, newbie speakers are always very willing to prepare which seasoned speakers more often than not overlook or skip. You should remember that preparation is always key to giving great presentations and speeches no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are.

5. The honesty to admit what you don’t know – Newbie speakers don’t bother pretending to know everything hence they get insights and learning from admitting that they don’t know something.

6. A seemly reticence –There’s a certain modesty that exudes from newbie speakers which makes them care about their audience more than themselves.

For more insight on this matter, please head to: 6 secret advantages of the newbie public speaker

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