3 Tips on How to Deliver Powerful Presentations

Aside from all the other tips I’ve shared with you before on how to give great presentations, here are three more that will make your presentation more powerful:

1. Match your audience’s energy level. – If you notice that your audience is the quiet type or perhaps, they’re a bit sleepy coming in to hear you talk so early in the morning, don’t come barging in on stage with super high energy. Just match their energy level and lead them to a higher level through activities, questions, etc.

2. For bigger audience, use bigger gestures. – If you’re presenting in front of a large crowd, you have to make your gestures a lot bigger and your voice much louder in order to be heard, noticed and to create impact. But if you are presenting in the midst of an intimate audience, then you can tone down your gestures a bit and adjust the volume of your voice just enough so everybody can hear you clearly.

3.  Involve your audience in your presentation. – Make sure you converse with your audience right from the start. Ask questions. Get them involved in an activity. Have a dialogue with them. This will get them hooked on your presentation right from the beginning.

To get more insight about these tips, please head to:  Anthony Robbins Top 3 Techniques for Delivering Powerful Presentations

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