Beware of These Presentation Lies

We’ve all been through high school and I’m pretty sure we were taught the same general “principles” when it comes to presenting or speaking in public. Unfortunately, these lessons are all lies. Don’t make the same mistake passing these things on to younger generations, and if you do still practice them, well, stop. Here are the presentation lies we were taught before:

1. Focus on a Spot at the Back of the Room

2. Memorize Your Script

3. Keep Your Hands Straight by Your Side

4. Facts, Facts, Facts

5. Always use Powerpoint

6. Use complicated, technical words

7. Stand Still

8. You’re Either Born a Great Presenter…or Not

These are all self-explanatory. But if you want to know more, please head to: 8 Presentation Lies You Were Taught in School

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I write about presentation skills and provide news from the presentation skills blogosphere.

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