7 Steps on Memorizing a Speech

While there’s not one surefire way to memorize a speech, there are seven simple steps that can help you get where you want to be, that is, a confident speaker who can deliver his/her lines well.

Here are the seven steps that can help you memorize your speech:

  1. Start by writing out your script in full. – Yes, the first step is to write from the heart and write everything down. You can always edit later.
  2. Be realistic – Don’t try to memorize your speech word for word. – While your goal is to memorize your speech, you don’t have to do it word for word. The important thing is to know the essence of your speech and memorize those important key points which you can later on expound with your own words.
  3. Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse – As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”.
  4. Create a visual  “storyboard” for your speech – Use of images can help trigger your memory and help keep you on track.
  5. Create a speech summary in mind map format – Mind mapping is another effective tool in triggering memory. Use it well.
  6.  Summarize your speech on index cards – If mind maps are not your thing, jot down the important keywords on “6×4” index cards.
  7. Use a memory hook system – One example is the use of a familiar journey t help you memorize the main points of your speech.

Like I said, there is no one surefire way to help you memorize your speech but these seven tips above could help show you the way.

For more information, please head to: How to memorise a speech

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